Meet Saber Mostafa

Meet Saber Mostafa

Saber Mostafa

Limestone Realty broker Saber Mostafa began his real estate career over 20 years ago, as a private investor. The Hell’s Kitchen native (relocated to Windsor Terrace) took to the business – and to Brooklyn — so well that he wanted to share his expertise. He began to assist – at no charge — friends and family who wanted to rent and buy their own homes. Helping others proved so gratifying that Saber decided to earn his real estate license; he eventually opened two Brooklyn-based brokerage locations: 1283 Prospect Avenue and 363 Sixth Avenue.

Saber owes his success almost exclusively to the trust he builds with clients, proving to them that he has their best interests at heart. Although his brokerage is only nine-months old, his clients, listings and closings have grown considerably, due to his flexibility on fees and his attention to clients’ needs.

Unlike many other brokers, Saber does not require quotas and commissions that are set in stone – he realizes that every transaction and every client has a unique story and set of circumstances. As a result, he remains flexible.

What’s most important to Saber is an empathic connection with a client – getting a sense of their wants and needs, the state of their finances, and what they ultimately want to accomplish. His goal is to put himself in their shoes and ask: “how would I want a broker to help me?”

For Saber, the best way to accomplish this goal is to build relationships. He’s willing to reduce his fee – or even work with no fee – just to meet the client’s objectives and get the job done. The usual reward: the client comes back next time, because Saber earned the client’s trust.

In addition, Saber goes beyond his usual broker duties and taps his extensive network — everyone from plumbers to painters to electricians – in order to refer his clients to dependable, reputable professionals.

Limestone Realty offers a full-service menu of options: leasing and investments, commercial development, land for sale, and more. Saber feels that because he was out there in the weeds from the very beginning — investing and learning the ropes himself — he can share his knowledge with clients and keep them on the straight and narrow.

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